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Cape Town contact person:
Leon Calitz

Tel number: 083 629 6608

Johannesburg contact person:
Chanelle Henning

Tel number 082 805 1810

Installation and sales done both in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Alden South Africa

NEWS: DSTV is changing to another satellite from 1 October 2012. If your alden dish does not function on or after this date, you will need to send us your black Alden SSC control box for reprogramming. Click for more

Alden manufactures satellite systems for caravans and motorhomes. This quality product is imported and distributed by Motorhome-World, Cape Town. Satellite dishes are very popular in Europe, and a multitude of manufacturers present similar products. However, South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, and none of the European dishes work here.

During 2006 Motorhome-World has partnered with French manufacturer Alden to make this new technology available right here in South Africa. Tests were conducted to re-program the satellite computer (SSD) so that the PAS 7-10 used by DSTV decoders can be enjoyed everywhere without wasting time setting up cumbersome installations and taking forever finding a good signal.

Motorhome-World is therefor proud to announce that this technology is now available to be used everywhere the PAS 7-10 satellite's footprint is available. That means that from the Victoria Falls to Cape Town you can now enjoy your favourite channels with the use of your normal decoder in your motorhome, caravan, van or bus. Dual view options are now also available!

Reception covers South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia depending on the chosen model. Standard conditions like line-of-sight as with any wall-mounted satellite dish apply.

Alden South Africa

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Professional installations done as well. See our contact us page

Alden is proud to announce it's new Orbiter automatic dish with it's large 80cm dish surface. Small trees are no problem for this big dish. It simply recieves around it due to the larger dish surface.

Our budget manual dish is very simple and fast. Turn the dish by hand and wait for the unit to "beep" to tell you it found the signal.
Alden South Africa
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